Ian Armstrong

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31 Ian Armstrong.jpg

Ian Armstrong


Viewing modern art ACCA, Melbourne, 2003
Ian Armstrong (1923 - 2005)
gouache on card
7 x 8cm
initialed lower left

$150 (framed)

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Ian Armstrong

Art consumed the life of modernist painter, drawer, printmaker and sculptor Ian Armstrong (1923–2005). A student of art for his entire lifetime, he drew inspiration from modernist George Bell. He was an instructor at the National Gallery School in Melbourne and has won several awards. He studied Slade School, London during the 1950s and printmaking in France during the 1980s.

Recognised as an accomplished craftsman of great talent, Ian Armstrong’s work is represented in the Australian National Gallery, the National Gallery of Victoria and in many collections throughout Australia.

Ian Armstrong by Audrey Shoobridge