Geoffrey Dupree

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Geoffrey Dupree


Caller, 1989
Geoffrey Dupree (born 1947)
oil on canvas
95 x 34cm
signed and dated verso
Exhibited: Geoffrey Dupree – Paintings & Drawings – Selected Urban Landscapes, Cat No 17
Latrobe Valley Arts Centre, Oct 24th to Nov 24th 1990
Mornington Peninsula Arts Centre, Jan 10th to Mar 1st 1992
Sale Regional Arts Centre, Apr 1st to Apr 21st 1992
Horsham Art Gallery, May 5th to May 31st 1992
Literature: Geoffrey Dupree – Paintings & Drawings – Selected Urban Landscapes 1973 - 1991, Latrobe Valley Arts Centre Exhibition Catalogue with essay by Robert Nelson, illustration pg 9, reference pg 11


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“In the intimate and memorable Caller, we behold the young woman beneath our gaze. Her small figure exaggerates the perspectival plunge, making us feel that we are breathing down her neck. Her stance is somehow contracted and vulnerable. It is not hard to imagine some ill-intentioned male (the type we hear about daily) thinking of sizing her up for prey. The thought is embarrassing, revolting, and we suppress it; yet the spectacle of an innocent and absolutely private phone-call is fraught with disquieting semiotic complications in a public space.

That objective spirit which lets Dupree tinker with the bouncy technological positivism of the empty phone booth also allows him to explore the sinister connotations of the lone female ringing somebody from the station. As in much of Dupree's work, the lighting in the Caller is dramatic: the light on the young woman's otherwise modestly positioned body creates a flash in the gloom. The light picks out all curves in her back and every crease in her pants; but her own shadow is swallowed by the surrounding darks. We would all feel that this spectacle is beyond any moral evaluation; yet we also know that it is the context for morally reprehensible impulses. Dupree somehow paints the moral medium, caring neither to argue a moral stance nor pass off the problems. He orients us to the perceptual root of our judgements.” Robert Nelson 1990

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Geoffrey Dupree

Geoffrey Dupree was born in the United Kingdom in 1947and arrived in Australia in 1955. He returned to London in 1971 to study art at the City and Guilds of London Art School and St Martins School of Art.
He held his first solo exhibition of paintings at Australian Galleries, Melbourne in 1979. In the same year Dupree began a teaching career in Victorian tertiary institutions. His work is represented in the National Gallery of Victoria.