Elizabeth Doidge

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Elizabeth Doidge


Flatbed Truck, 2007
Elizabeth Doidge
oil on canvas
137 x 112cms
signed lower right
Provenance: Pivotal Galleries, Melbourne

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“Many years ago, I was idly following a truck on my way to work - when I looked at it, I saw its size and compositional strength within the confines of the country road were stupendous... I then felt utterly compelled to capture and paint trucks…my truck paintings have nothing to do with Jeffrey Smart.
With ‘Flatbed Truck’, 2007 I just caught a shot of a truck
accelerating away from some lights, with that perfect 'Oversize' sign. The wrapped-up box was on top of a shipping container at a Motor Wreckers. The two images came together with a third image, a backstreet in Adelaide…The woman disappearing into the building was just crossing the road outside the Art Gallery of SA”. Elizabeth Doidge

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Elizabeth Doidge

Elizabeth Doidge was born in the UK in the late 1940’s. She completed a DipAD with honours at Gloucestershire College of Art & Design, UK in 1968 but then stopped painting - exhausted after her effort in being accepted into London’s Royal College of Art. In 1983 she migrated to Australia with her accountant husband and year-old son. In 1990 she started painting again picking up where she left off at Art School.
Since then she has been exhibiting successfully despite her slow output - producing on average 8 works a year (each carefully documented and recorded).